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Power flushing Wirral.


If your system requires power flushing and you live in the Wirral Chester or Liverpool then we can power flush your central heating system for a very reasonable cost especialy when compared to the national companies. 

We use a Sentinel Jet Flush power flusher and a Magnaclean Filtration system combined, we feel is the best machinery on the market for this type of job. We can usually flush an entire system in around half a day upto 12 radiators, larger and heavily soiled systems may require a full days flushing.

We can test your system for magnitite and rust deposits in two ways to determine if the system actually does require flushing, as quite often some larger companies will blame sludge for a problem when this may not be the case.

When may I need a Power Flush?

Older open vented systems are more prone to sludge than modern sealed systems. This is due to the open vent pipe drawing in air into the system causing oxidisation. Your radiators may have cold spot's usually in the middle, some radiators may not heat up much at all as the sludge builds up.

Boilers may start to 'Kettle' as the main heat exchanger builds up sluge eventually causing overheat failures. Boiler pumps can fail more often and radiator valves may fail to opperate.

Combi boiler power flushing will not clean out the boiler only the radiators and pipe work, your boiler may need componants removing and flushing externally or even replacing.


How do you test for sludge?

We initially test the system water in a 'Turbidity Tube' this visually gauges any sediment. We also use a 'Dissolved Sediment Detector' this measures the conductivity of your systems water compared to clean water, the more iron-oxide the more conductivity!


If you are unsure flushing is the option for you please ask and one of our engineers will assist you.


No. 300410

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