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Smartphone boiler controls, Smart boiler controls Wirral, & Traditional boiler controls.


For boiler controls in the Wirral Chester and Liverpool, look no further as we have fitted most of the popular controls avaliable for your heating system, whether it be a Nest internet and iphone / Android compatible thermostat or a basic on off type timer or thermostat.

We have supplied and installed many makes of thermostats and timers so we can help you choose the right one for your needs and give you a quotation for installing your smartphone boiler control or traditional timer / thermostat.

If it style and massive options and detailed feed back you require, the Nest learning thermostat is the one for you. We are a nest registered installer.


If you require a two channel internet control then the Salus it500 fits the bill, this one can control your heating and also your hot water remotely through your smartphone.


If its simplicity and reliability then the Worcester Wave is perfect, although this can only be fitted to a compatible Worcester boiler, and controled via a compatable smartphone.


We can also supply very simple to use controls that are perfect for the techno-phobes out there or people that prefare simpicity and funtionality.


Most controls can be installed in around an hour by one of our engineers and will take usually 10-15 minutes to explain how you control will work.


List of control manufactures and areas of work:-

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Thank you.

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